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ATC : California Sales Tax Exemption Expert

Since 2003, ATC has helped hundreds of clients on structuring their aircraft purchase in a tax efficient manner.  We successfully helped many clients in California to legally avoid paying sales or use tax.

Do you fly your aircraft for business?  Do you travel to out of state locations?  If so, please contact us before you finalize your acquisition.  We may just save you enough tax dollars to fill up your tank for a year!

The interstate commerce exemption is amongst the best aircraft sales and use tax exemption in the country.  With proper planning and execution, California taxpayers can legally avoid paying the confiscatory sales tax of almost 10%.  ATC will work closely with your existing tax advisors on the implementation of the plan that ATC will devise.

See below for what some of our clients say about their experience working with ATC:

  • Our company has relied on Aviation Tax Consultants to successfully process the interstate commerce claims for three company aircraft through the California Board of Equalization. ATC has handled each claim efficiently and professionally and has promptly dealt with all issues that came up during the process for each aircraft.  Our company enthusiastically recommends ATC to handle any aircraft interstate commerce exemption claim and I will not hesitate to engage ATC to handle the exemption claim for our next aircraft.

    Mr. Alex Palermo, President

    Divine Pasta Company

    Burbank, California

    2016 Embraer Legacy 650



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