Avoid California Sales and Use Tax

California is one of the most aggressive states when it comes to enforcing its sales and use tax laws on aircraft acquisition. However, with careful planning and detailed documentation, ATC can help you navigate the complex regulations and implement a plan to meet one of the sales or use tax exemptions available. The most common exemptions are the Interstate Commerce Exemption and the Common Carrier Exemption.

Aviation Tax Consultants has over 18 years of experience working with the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (formerly the State Board of Equalization) helping clients legally avoid California sales or use tax. Contact us to discuss your situation and we will help tailor a specific tax exemption plan for you.


I have relied on Aviation Tax Consultants to process the interstate commerce claims for 2 aircrafts (brought into California) and for various other tax issues, including ownership charges, and most importantly for the many tax implications related to the use of my Premier I Jet to fly rescue dogs all over the U.S. My work with Wings of Rescue started out as a one-time help with a mission and grew into a major ongoing effort, including participating in several television documentaries. Keeping all this organized tax-wise, in addition to the business use of my aircraft was an effort and ATC was always there to make sure I was kept out of harm's way.

Michael Louis Kelly, California

Our company has relied on Aviation Tax Consultants to successfully process the interstate commerce claims for three company aircraft through the California Board of Equalization. ATC has handled each claim efficiently and professionally and has promptly dealt with all issues that came up during the process for each aircraft.  Our company enthusiastically recommends ATC to handle any aircraft interstate commerce exemption claim and I will not hesitate to engage ATC to handle the exemption claim for our next aircraft.

Mr. Alex Palermo, California

I would like to thank you and the rest of the staff at ATC for your superlative guidance through the California exemption process. You take what can be a daunting series of complexities and confusion and make it simple. I have now purchased three aircraft with your help, and I could not be happier. I would not recommend to anyone that they try to do this on their own. There are too many questions and gotchas!

Rik Kinney, California

I was first referred to ATC in the fall of 2008 for my first aircraft purchase CA sales tax exemption.  Just now, in May of 2020, I recieved notice of a succesfull CA sales tax exemption on my 4th aircraft purchase.  ATC is working on a 5th at this time.   At times, it seemed that California was being stubborn for no apparent reason.   Jon Reynolds at ATC was even more tenacous and never let me worry.   I have never used another Aviation Tax Consultant, but why would I?  ATC has been flawless!  Thanks ATC!

Charles Marlin, California

I have worked with ATC on 2 different occasions with the ease and support expected when working with professionals.   The team at ATC, on both occasions, was successful in helping me as a client with clear communications and regular involvement in our transactions. I would not hesitate to use ATC again in the future. 

Justin Lantzman, California

Aviation Tax Consultants was invaluable to getting started with business jet ownership.  In addition to the flight training, there was a massive amount to learn about maintaining the aircraft.   ATC took the tax reporting procedures off my mental plate.  They provided easy to use procedures, oversight, and answered all my questions timely, and generally held my hand for the entire experience.  I am very satisfied. 

Paul Teirstein, MD, California

When purchasing my first jet, a CJ, I was worried about tax implications.   Jon and his team worked tirelessly to help ensure that I would not have any tax liability.   ATC took the guesswork out of buying an aircraft.   I would recommend working with ATC as they proved to be invaluable in getting the Interstate and Foreign Commerce tax exemption.

Ezra Kemp, California

If you are looking for a firm that has the expertise, professionalism and the wherewithal to guide you through the process of aircraft purchase and ownership tax issues, then Daniel Cheung and Jon Reynolds of Aviation Tax Consultants is the firm for you. They have helped me with the my last 3 aircraft purchases and I am confident I’ll be using them well into the future.

Kenneth Myers, California

Aviation Tax Consultants provides an effective hand holding service to make sure that you honor the requirements to avoid paying sales/use tax on your airplane. They distill the requirements into easy to follow steps and they provide for regular oversight to help ensure that you are in compliance. On top of that, they file all of the paperwork on your behalf so that it is very low effort process and you have certainty on receiving the exemption once the period is over, assuming you have followed the provided rules.   They provided me with peace of mind through the process and I will definitely use them again if I purchase another aircraft.

Kevin MacDonald, California

Whatever your needs are in regards to aircraft ownership and tax laws, Aviation Tax Consultants can help guide you. They have helped me successfully navigate California’s Sales and Use Tax codes with my last 3 airplane purchases. They provided detailed step by step recommendations of the documentation requirements and activities needed to achieve success. They saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Aviation Tax Consultants is very responsive to your every question and need. They are truly there to HELP YOU whenever needed.

David Lindley, California