Avoid Florida Sales and Use Tax

You may be able to enjoy substantial savings by avoiding or deferring Florida sales and use tax on your aircraft purchase. With a sales tax rate of 6%, aircraft acquisitions in the state of Florida can easily create hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales tax liabilities. Fortunately, this tax liability can be legally avoided or deferred by taking advantage of one of the exemptions offered by the state. Among these exemptions are the Florida Rental/Resale Exemption and the Six-Month Exemption. Careful consideration should also be given to the 21 Day Rule, Non-Resident Rule, and Flyaway Rules so as not to inadvertently create a Florida sales tax liability.

Whether you are purchasing a piston, turboprop, or jet, the savings afforded by avoiding Florida sales and use tax can be significant. Contact our team today to discuss your situation and we will help tailor a specific tax exemption plan for you.


Thanks so much for the prompt follow up on our discussions over the past week or so. And thanks also for talking with (the people) who handle my normal year-end tax work. It must have been a good conversation because they wholeheartedly endorsed both your strategy and your involvement as a specialist in these kinds of things.

Blaine Sweatt, Florida

Aviation Tax Consultants are my “go to” source for all aviation tax matters.  Aviation is a highly specialized area of taxation that requires precision to maximize deductions and minimize the likelihood of an audit.  I send my clients to ATC as soon as they are shopping for an aircraft to make sure we do the deal right the first time.

Scott Williams, The General Aviation Law Firm, P.C.

True customer service is going above and beyond after the sale and supporting customers when it really counts ...when they need you most.  That is exactly what Daniel Cheung at Aviation Tax Consultants did for me. I was introduced to the Nordstrom Way and way of thinking as the pinnacle of great customer service, so this is always top of mind with me.  When I signed an agreement with Daniel it stated that I would receive 100% support if ever audited. I took it seriously but had no idea how important that would be to me.  I never thought I would be audited, but it happened!  I was audited for years 2006 and 2007 and it was just resolved in May 2016, by Daniel, to my complete satisfaction. The time and effort from Aviation Tax Consultants, to support me at no additional charge to me, were substantial over this 10 year period!    I was never reminded of this during these 10 years...it is just how they do business in supporting their customers.

Keith Douglas, Florida