Avoid Texas Sales and Use Tax

Avoiding sales and use tax on your aircraft purchase in the state of Texas can be achieved with proper planning and implementation. Our team will assist you in selecting which exemption offered by the state of Texas will allow you to minimize your sales and use tax burden. We have over 17 years of experience with the Texas Comptroller and have coordinated hundreds of successful exemptions, including the Departure Exemption, Casual/Occasional Sale Exemption, and Rental Exemption.

Whether you are purchasing a piston, turboprop, or jet, the savings afforded by avoiding Texas sales and use tax can be significant. To learn how you can legally avoid Texas sales and use tax on your next aircraft acquisition, contact our team today.


I was referred to Daniel Cheung by our aircraft finance firm to provide tax consulting / compliance in relation to our company’s aircraft acquisition. The purpose of the aircraft was to help our management team spend more time managing our companies, without sacrificing each of our number one assets that determine our quality of life (besides health), time. Our company has locations in several Texas markets that are management team needs to stay on top of. We will continue to keep ATC and Daniel Cheung onboard annually as part of our trusted partner and advisers to our company.

Richard Hodge, Texas

Before meeting Mr. Fred McCarter with Aviation Tax Consultants I had several reservations about the purchase of an aircraft and putting it to use for business.  Fred spent many, many months answering all of my questions prior to committing to the purchase of an aircraft.  Once committed, he and his team customized legal and tax strategies to fit my business needs to maximize my tax savings.  The efficient expertise offered by ATC could not be duplicated by my personal accountant and the addition of ATC to my business team has been an essential benefit.  The specialists at ATC know their business better than anyone else.

Dr. Walter W. Strash, Texas

Aviation Tax Consultants are my “go to” source for all aviation tax matters.  Aviation is a highly specialized area of taxation that requires precision to maximize deductions and minimize the likelihood of an audit.  I send my clients to ATC as soon as they are shopping for an aircraft to make sure we do the deal right the first time.

Scott Williams, The General Aviation Law Firm, P.C.