ATC has a nationally known and respected reputation in the private aviation industry with over 15 years of experience. We have great working relationships with manufacturers, financing professionals and insurance brokers. Our clients benefit from our ability to expedite the purchasing process.

ATC was instrumental in the purchase process of my aircraft. Not only did they help me realize the income tax savings available on the ownership of my aircraft, but I was also able to purchase it without paying sales tax on the purchase price! ATC was professional and knowledgeable throughout the entire process and continues to be our constant source of aircraft taxation information.

Malte Lorenz, New York

Thanks so much for the prompt follow up on our discussions over the past week or so. And thanks also for talking with (the people) who handle my normal year-end tax work. It must have been a good conversation because they wholeheartedly endorsed both your strategy and your involvement as a specialist in these kinds of things.

Blaine Sweatt, Florida

Over the past 10-years, the professionals at Aviation Tax Consultants have help guide my company through the acquisition of a King Air C90B and a Pilatus PC12NG. Their guidance on structure, closing, use tax, SIFL rates, lease contracts, etc. was invaluable. I was fortunate to have these documents in order during a recent aircraft sales tax audit with the State of Michigan. I enjoy the Team at ATC and value their expertise. Thank you for a job well done!

Joe Wortman, Michigan

The experience with ATC was exceptional. The team walked me through the entire process and gave me an expectation on what to expect from the CA Franchise Tax Board. ATC had me well prepared through the year with making sure I had proper documentation. ATC’s deep knowledge of the law, the process and what it takes to do proper tax planning is invaluable. The team was communicative and helpful in this long process, but ATC made it as easy as possible. I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for professional tax planning on an aviation purchase.

Matt Schiefferly, California

I was referred to Daniel Cheung by our aircraft finance firm to provide tax consulting / compliance in relation to our companies aircraft acquisition. The purpose of the aircraft was to help our management team spend more time managing our companies, without sacrificing each of our number one assets that determine our quality of life (besides health), time. Our company has locations in several Texas markets that are management team needs to stay on top of. We will continue to keep ATC and Daniel Cheung onboard annually as part of our trusted partner and advisers to our company.

Richard Hodge, Texas

Aviation Tax Consultants helped my partner and I navigate income tax planning as well as avoid sales tax on the purchase price of our 2015 Citation M2 in the state of Michigan. I am very glad that we called them when we did, as these issues would have been nearly impossible to deal with on our own. Their first-class service begins before you even sign on as a client, as they are willing to answer any questions that you have and give you an honest assessment of your tax situation. After we began working with ATC, they remained extremely available to myself, my CPA, and other staff. Whenever we had a question, we could call ATC’s office and be speaking with Fred, Daniel, or Jon within a few moments. I would recommend Aviation Tax Consultants to anyone making an aircraft purchase.

Todd Wenzel, Michigan

ATC did a great job helping to set up all of our company formation, tax planning, and purchase preparation needs. They did so on a short timeframe and with excellent service. After the purchase they continue to follow up regularly to help ensure all tracking and use requirements are met and we are able to get full use of our business aircraft asset. ATC has been great through the whole process!

H Carlson, California

Aviation Tax Consultants are my “go to” source for all aviation tax matters.  Aviation is a highly specialized area of taxation that requires precision to maximize deductions and minimize the likelihood of an audit.  I send my clients to ATC as soon as they are shopping for an aircraft to make sure we do the deal right the first time.

Scott Williams, The General Aviation Law Firm, P.C.

Because tax laws are complicated and vary from state to state, my partner and I were anxious to find a firm that could help us navigate the complexities of forming the proper corporate structure in the most tax effective manner. Aviation Tax Consultants were able to get everything taken care of within a week, and even interface with the FAA to get a title corrected for us!

Thomas Johnson, Indiana

I purchased my first plane last year and was referred to ATC to get the necessary documents and tax filings in order. The principals and staff are professional, easy to work with and incredibly responsive. On our maiden voyage to Mexico with our two young daughters, we discovered we were missing a necessary document to clear customs when we arrived in LaPaz. It was 7pm, but when I called ATC, they answered and were immediately able to help me figure things out. I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation.

Clifford Hansen, Colorado