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At Aviation Tax Consultants, we value our client relationships and pride ourselves on superior customer service. Below is a small sampling of what our clients say about our services:

Expert in California Interstate Commerce Exemption:

Our company has relied on Aviation Tax Consultants to successfully process the interstate commerce claims for three company aircraft through the California Board of Equalization. ATC has handled each claim efficiently and professionally and has promptly dealt with all issues that came up during the process for each aircraft.  Our company enthusiastically recommends ATC to handle any aircraft interstate commerce exemption claim and I will not hesitate to engage ATC to handle the exemption claim for our next aircraft.

Mr. Alex Palermo, President

Divine Pasta Company

Burbank, California

2016 Embraer Legacy 650

True customer service is going above and beyond after the sale and supporting customers when it really counts…when they need you most.  That is exactly what Daniel Cheung, at Aviation Tax Consultants, did for me. 

I was introduced to the Nordstrom Way, and way of thinking as the pinnacle of great customer service, so this is always top of mind with me.  When I signed an agreement with Daniel that stated I would receive 100% support, if ever audited, I took it seriously but had no idea how important that would be to me.  I never thought I would be audited, but I happened!  I was audited for years 2006 and 2007, and it was just resolved in May 2016, by Daniel to my complete satisfaction.  The time and efforts from Aviation Tax Consultants were substantial over this 10 year period!  

 A Quick summary of what I have learned:

 Hire a specialist in aviation for sure

 Hire only a firm that backs you if ever audited

 Hire a firm that can provide real references of support audited customers

 Hire a firm that can prove thru references they have the following personality characteristics if audited; won’t accept the words no, knows the aviation tax laws, knows how the IRS works and the boundaries, tenacity, how and where to really push / be strong and really fight when necessary.  I will always remember Daniel telling me, “Keith, I really enjoy the fight.” I can’t tell you just how important that statement is if you are ever audited

In my case, we knew that we were right, but it still took 10 years to prove it.  Knowing how the IRS works, never giving up or taking no for an answer and always fighting for your rights like Daniel Cheung did for me is the kind of firm I would absolutely hire.  I am available anytime for a phone call or email to discuss the great support I received.

Keith Douglas

June 2016

Atlanta, Georgia

2006 Cirrus SR20


I spoke with several different aircraft manufacturers when researching the recent purchase of our airplane (Cessna Mustang). I was strongly advised by each party to engage Daniel Cheung with ATC to help guide us through the process of properly structuring our purchase to minimize governmental costs as well as to be able to acquire the maximum depreciation benefits. I requested my CPA (Ron Thomas) speak directly with Daniel on two occasions. Ron’s conclusion was that it was necessary and important to engage ATC to assist us through the acquisition process. Daniel is well known and highly respected in the aircraft industry as the go to person for tax advice. I greatly appreciate Daniel’s quick response to my calls which were returned most promptly regardless of the time and day of the week. I am very well satisfied with ATC and I will definitely engage their services when we purchase our next airplane.

Will White

Columbus, Georgia

2012 Citation Mustang

Even before I had signed on as a client, Daniel Cheung at ATC helped me understand what might be possible for my business through appropriate aviation tax planning. Answers to all my questions were speedy and thorough.

When it came time to put together the business structure, nothing could have been more efficient and painless. Sound counsel and the encouragement of a knowledgeable advisor gave me the confidence to take what felt like a giant financial leap. I had anticipated a disappearing act after the initial flurry of activity--but ATC is always an email or phone call away to handle any aviation accounting and tax questions that come up, not just for me, but for my own accountant as well. The communication has been seamless. And did I mention it was all put together in a few weeks' time?

Now I am not only flying the technologically-advanced high-power piston single of my dreams, but doing it in a way that makes business sense and gets me where I need to be quickly and efficiently, to meet more people and build more relationships in a month than ever before.

Dr. John McVicker

Colorado, 2010

Cessna Corvalis 400TT

I was introduced to ATC by my broker, Chris Kirk, what a godsend they have been. The good advice along with the speed and efficiency at which Fred and Lisa were able to process and set up our LLC was fantastic. I have no doubt, come next tax season, that I will be able to lean on them to obtain the most benefit possible from owning my plane. Savings like these help keep us flying!

David Haushalter
Piper Meridian – N49LG

After 20ish years of thinking that a "Deleware "S" corp" was the answer, I was enlightened with the realization that there is an easier, newer and better way. Problem was, I had less than 10 days to close on my seventh sky toy..., a Cirrus SR-22.

As usual, the COPA site was very helpful which is where I began my search. With a little "scratching around" I quickly came across ATC and Fred McCarter's name. True to the blog... Fred and his team delivered!!!! Quick, efficient and reasonably priced...just what I hoped for.

I strongly recommend ATC. The deal was seamless and the parties, Cirrus, Insurance and Fred had all worked together on prior deals. What a pleasure to have things go as planned these days... this deal went even better. Good Luck and safe flying.

Ron Hink FXE
Florida, Cirrus

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