Maximizing the tax benefits of aircraft ownership

Our mission is to offer unparalleled customer service by creating customized and creative aircraft ownership solutions that maximize the tax benefits available to aircraft owners while maintaining full FAA and IRS compliance.

Celebrating 17 years
of service and excellence in the aviation industry

Since its founding in 2003, ATC has established itself as one of the leading aviation tax consulting firms in the country. ATC focuses exclusively on aviation tax planning providing services that require a specialized knowledge beyond that of traditional accounting services. We bring our years of expertise and experience to serve businesses and individuals alike. ATC’s strengths include our ability to think outside the box to create an aircraft ownership structure that is tailored to your tax situation, our ability to work with your current tax advisors and our unparalleled customer service and responsiveness to complete a transaction. Please contact us to determine if we can help you make flying more affordable.

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