Airplace in Hangar with Convertible

First Time Business Aircraft Buyer

Partly driven by public health reasons, many business owners are considering purchasing their first business aircraft in recent weeks.  In addition to privacy and health concerns, there are many business benefits for purchasing private aircraft. The white paper previously posted explaining those benefits is as relevant today as it was thirteen years ago.

Nevertheless, many business owners have shared that their tax advisors may not support the idea of acquiring a business aircraft.  Aircraft tax planning for businesses is a very specialized area, which is outside of the daily practice of tax professionals.  Aviation Tax Consultants has helped thousands of business owners acquire business aircraft in a tax efficient manner over the past seventeen years.  We encourage business owners to contact us, along with your tax advisors, so that we can assess your business and tax situation, provide accurate information to your advisors, address their concerns, and help you make the best aircraft purchasing decision for your business.

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